Ana was always interested in the way how she obtained her knowledge how to play the violin, how someone taught and showed techniques. During her education and methodology lessons of among others Koosje van Haeringen, she discovered that she was eager to teach, to pass on knowledge to others.

Individuality, creativity, and technique form a central part of Ana’s lessons. She thinks it important for every student to associate and interpret freely. During lessons, students should be able to be true to oneself, be at ease, to feel free to make music as they want. Also the sense of hearing is very important. Children learn to hear what music really is en how to translate sounds to their instrument. Furthermore, a good posture is of importance; it not only promotes the sound of the violin, but also prevents physical complaints. Creativity plays an important role during her lessons; things are not fixed, they can be changed in the way you want. Finally, the advancement of repertoire is an important element; it is fun to learn how much music there is.

As a teacher Ana aims that children can use their creativity in the music, can express their emotions, and, perhaps, can learn unknown things about themselves.

Since 2015, Ana is as teacher attached to the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where she teaches the very young talents of the PI. She also gives private lessons and teaches at various music schools on a regular basis.

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